Professional Restoration Services in Spokane, Washington

Often it can be overwhelming when you are faced with a flood, fire or mold damaged structure. 24/7 Restoration is here to help you through this stressful time and we would like to offer you a few tips to keep in mind when beginning this process.

Flood Damage

If the structure has been damaged by water the first step is to locate and stop the source of the problem. Often the problem will need to be addressed by professionals. SAFETY FIRST! Watch your step. Wet surfaces can become slippery and create fall hazards. STOP and look prior to entering the flooded area and make sure there is no electrical shock danger. DO NOT use any electrical outlets which are in the affected area. Remove any items which are in or near the affected area (unless unsafe to do so). Remove wet paper items such as books from carpets or furniture so colors don’t bleed & stain the material. If you have wood blocks you can use them to prop up furniture. REMEMBER the small stuff! Often, people overlook placing there photo’s, paintings, files or electronic components like computers in a safe NON-affected area. These items are easily damaged by water (both direct & in-direct contact) in affected areas.

contaminated water

Contaminated Water/Sewage

If the source of the water is contaminated such as sewage, stay out of the affected area. Let the professional staff at 24/7 Restoration deal with the sewage mitigation. DO NOT try to clean the affected area yourself as this type of water damage can cause discomfort and or illness. Never touch or intentionally handle anything which has possibly been contaminated by body fluids without proper personal protection equipment. REMEMBER not use fans or AC and/or heat if possible as this increases the risk for contaminants to be spread into non-affected areas.

Fire Damage

If the structure is safe to be inhabited after a fire many people want to help and start cleaning walls, furniture, tapestries, clothing, or electronics. Prior to doing this you should check with us as there may be special circumstances or procedures required to properly clean the item. The staff at 24/7 Restoration will help you with the proper procedure. If you are going to be in the structure it’s advisable to limit your contact between affected and non-affected areas as this may cause secondary damages and/or cross contamination. It’s advisable to remove or cover rugs and place old towels or sheets in high traffic areas. Don’t for get to wash your hands often as soot gets on a lot of things during a fire and can easily be spread via contact. REMEMBER, HVAC systems are a typical place for soot to get into and be spread throughout the structure. If you don’t have register covers/filters you can attach a breathable material and secure it to each register with tape.

Storm Damage

Nothing can cause more damage to a property than the wrath of Mother Nature. When disaster strikes immediate action is required, and you need the company with the storm damage experience you can rely on. 24/7 Restoration has the expertise and the resources to handle any size disaster and can respond around the clock.